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Pete was based in the UK but worked for a large pharmaceutical company in Europe, creating online programmes. The weekly commute was getting him down and he was overwhelmed with deadlines that came at him like giant waves. But more importantly he had a strong sense that he wasn’t doing the work he was destined to do: work that could change the world.

Through our coaching he connected strongly with his true purpose, his strength and his resilience, and began paying greater attention to improving his health. And so, when his wife unexpectedly lost her job, he was able to stay calm and supportive. He planned out his route to happiness – like a yellow brick road leading to an emerald castle – and set out on a new journey.

He now works part-time, from home, for the pharmaceutical company, and spends two days a week creating his own personal development business.

Rosanna’s working life managing a business association had grown stale to the point of rottenness and when we first spoke, she had already submitted her resignation. But what should she do next? She was based in Africa, with few employment alternatives nearby.

An online legal course had expanded her horizons, but not her immediate options, since she was unable to practise in her home country.

Since making lists alone had not produced a breakthrough, we used the metaphors in her thinking to connect with the power of her unconscious mind. She created a photo montage of her vision and her passion which took pride of place as her laptop wallpaper, keeping her in touch with her dreams every day. She is now enjoying contract troubleshooting while looking for a chance to work in human rights and access to justice.

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Mike was an IT project manager in New York who just couldn’t face it any more – every day he would stand outside looking up at the office block and have to force himself to go in.

There were better ways to do things which would enable his team to deliver better software, which he knew would help the company and its customers, but he couldn’t convince anyone to change. He was wasting the company’s money, making himself miserable and wasting his life! It was like wandering in hot, thick smoke – horribly confusing and unpleasant.

In our sessions he developed a strong sense of what he wanted to do, and a clear route plan of how to achieve it. He worked out how to upgrade his skills, improve his CV, and find new connections. Now he helps organisations introduce more effective methods to their IT projects.


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What my clients say

  • Melissa Hughes, London, UK
    Before the coaching sessions began, I was feeling frustrated and stressed at my inability to gain clarity around several matters, and my inability to slow down and be comfortable with having free time... Now, I feel energised and excited, and as though I have all the resources I need to move forward and achieve the outcomes I want to, without the fear of me stopping myself or holding myself back by this old pattern of behaviour.
  • Saul Ross MBA PhD, Melbourne, Australia
    Judy is most masterful, and above all has a highly engaging and generous personality. From the perspective of both a coach, a trainer - absolutely first rate - demonstrating and explaining artfully the process, application and more. Experiencing is very much an essential part of the learning process for such a modality (Clean Language), and it allowed me truly understand the concept of the operator being a facilitator - however it is so much more than that. Also Judy's cross contextual extension and applications are fantastic, powerful and useful - something that may appear simple on the surface however, very sophisticated in operation, as a standalone system or part of multiple strategies/systems. I very seldom endorse anyone unless I truly believe that they are first rate - and in this case there was absolutely no hesitation.
  • Hope, Perth, Western Australia
    Very cool session Judy, thank you. As I mentioned I am not very good at “being the client”, I don’t like to “bear my all”, it's much easier sitting on the other side as the therapist, but this was extraordinarily easy, with no real conscious input I was comfortable enough to just throw myself into the process…. Looking forward to noticing the difference the difference makes.
  • Ches Chesney, Northumberland, UK
    As a hypnotherapist aiming to become proficient in Clean Language, I was interested in experiencing a session as a client. Judy’s sensitive, conversational style made the transition from initial introductions to the ‘trance without induction’ of the Clean Language session very fluid indeed. During the forty-five minute session over Skype, I felt understood and supported as my answers to Judy’s carefully crafted Clean Language questions subtly carried me towards greater insight and resourcefulness. Judy’s seemingly effortless ability to choose fruitful questions at every step is indeed very impressive. I have recommended her to my friends and colleagues.

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