Getting A Brighter Metaphor

I love helping people to solve their problems and get unstuck using Clean Language and metaphor.

But there’s something I enjoy even more: using the same process to help them bring a brighter and more wonderful future to life.

When clients develop a vivid metaphor for what they’d like to have happen, their eyes light up; their smile lights up; their whole face and body lights up. The excitement is tangible and the motivation, unstoppable.

It’s often the first time they’ve been able to speak about what they really want. After all, these kind of dreams can seem totally impossible – surely it can’t be right to admit to having them, even to oneself?

But it can. By speaking in metaphor, you’re free to think and feel what’s really true for you, without the need to self-censor to sound reasonable. You can even get unreasonably excited, if that’s what you’d like :-)

It might be the firs step in making your dream happen, or in deciding to let it go. But it certainly feels good!

My favourite example is pretty personal. A few years ago I was painfully single, fond of quoting that old saw about a woman over 40 being more likely to get struck by lightning than getting married for the first time. When it came to the dating game, I found it impossible even to imagine the partner I wanted, let alone describe them on a matchmaking website.

Then, thanks to some expert, very gentle, Clean facilitation I was able to speak in metaphor. I’d like a prince in a castle, please! More detail soon followed.

It was the start of a process: a journey with many twists and turns. But just a few months later, I met the man who is now my husband. Steve didn’t live in a castle – but there was one just across the road :-)

Written by Judy

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